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    4,500 Kilometers On Holiday In An E-car: The Electricity Costs Are Unbelievable

    Jul 26,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The charging costs for the road trip with the Tesla Model 3 were a real bargain

    A family from the United States made their second road trip through the United States in a Tesla. They covered almost 4,500 kilometers in the e-car and were surprised at how much they spent on the electricity themselves.

    A family drove across the United States for the second time in a rented Tesla Model 3. The approximately 4,300-kilometer route led through the northeast of the United States. The road trip started in Columbus, Ohio. Via Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, it went to New York City and finally to Portland, Maine, and then via the north back to Columbus. The expenses for the electricity to charge the Tesla was unbelievable: the trip cost the family less than 100 US dollars in charging costs.

    Renting a Tesla Model 3 pays off

    Although the family owns a Tesla Model 3 at home, since they did not start the trip from there, the family decided to rent an electric car for the trip. However, it was difficult to find a suitable offer. Car rental company Hertz announced months ago that it would buy 100,000 Teslas for rental. So far, however, these vehicles are only available in 25 cities in the USA. The family eventually found an offer on the peer-to-peer car-sharing website Turo.

    They paid $2,000 for 31 days to rent the Tesla Model 3, minus an early bird discount. That equates to $64 in rent per day. In comparison, drivers can rent a combustion engine for the same period for as little as $1,300.

    Tesla is extremely cheap compared to the combustion engine

    On their journey, the family covered an average of almost 650 kilometers a day. As soon as the Tesla was not in use, it was charged, even while parked in parking garages. On longer days, 2 to 3 stops of 15 to 20 minutes each were necessary. The average consumption of the Tesla during the entire trip was 194-watt hours per 1.6 kilometers. In total, Tesla used 517 kWh on the road trip through the Northeast of the USA. Of this, the family charged 206 kWh on Tesla Superchargers. One advantage of the Tesla is that the vehicle automatically calculates at which point in the Tesla network the driver must stop next and how long this stop will last. The family received the remaining 311 kWh and thus around 60 percent of the total consumption from standard 110-volt outside sockets from friends and family members who visited them during the trip.

    In the USA, the price per kWh has recently increased from 0.24 US dollars to 0.45 US dollars. So the family paid around $95 for the 206 kWh on the superchargers. In Germany, the current prices per kWh for the Tesla Superchargers are around 58 cents. The trip would also be a real bargain here at around 120 euros. However, the costs for recharging at the external sockets must also be taken into account. At $0.15 per kWh, these are around $47. The same road trip would have been significantly more expensive with a petrol engine. At current prices in the United States, the family would have spent approximately $532 on fuel to travel the same distance.

    In Europe, the same route would have been significantly more expensive. Based on the real power consumption of the Tesla Model 3 at 20 kWh per 100 kilometers and German supercharger costs of 0.58 cents per kWh, a comparable trip in Germany would have cost a good 500 euros. If you had scrounged 60 percent of the electricity from friends and family like the frugal US road trippers, you would only have had to pay around 200 euros for electricity at the supercharger.

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