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    Tesla Finally Opens Orders In France For These Two New Super-powerful Models

    Aug 11,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    This time it's really good! The Tesla Model S and X Plaid are finally available to order in France. The first deliveries are scheduled between November and December 2022.

    A wait finally rewarded
    In 2019, we learned that Tesla intended to release a super-powered version for these Model S and X models. customers are still waiting for a sign from the builder.

    But now, all it takes is an official press release from Tesla to bring a smile back to all fans of Elon Musk's firm. We learn that orders are really open again for both models. But good news never comes alone, we also now know a little more precisely what they have in their stomachs.

    But before giving you further explanations on their characteristics, it seems important to share with you the prices of each model. Thus, to get a Model X Plaid, you will have to pay €141,990 (excluding options). The Model S Plaid, meanwhile, is sold for €138,990. Of course, as on each of these vehicles, Tesla offers different colors, two styles of rims as well as different interior finishes. Enhanced Autopilot and Fully Autonomous Driving Capability options are also available on these two models.

    Impressive features for production vehicles
    Now let's get down to business: the features of these two incredible production vehicles. Let's start if you don't mind with the more high-end model of the two: the Model X Plaid.

    0-100 km/h 2,6 s
    400m standing start 9,9 s
    Horses 1020
    Transmission Integral

    As you can see, even if the Model X Plaid is a car capable of accommodating a whole small family with its 6 seats, it does not neglect its performance. Another little extra on this model is its tow hook which is standard.

    Now it's time for the sportier of the two, the Model S Plaid. The sporty-looking sedan has not been neglected either, and that's good! Tesla also says of its production vehicle that it is the production one that offers the fastest acceleration in the world today.

    0-100 km/h 2,1 s
    400m standing start 9,23 s
    Horses 1020
    Transmission Integral

    Well, we're not going to lie to you, the performance on paper is still there! Even if there are differences between the two, they nevertheless share many common points, starting with the presence of 3 engines developing 1020 horsepower on each of the models.

    Inside, we also find on the Model X and S Plaid, three screens including the main 17-inch, a second 8-inch, and a last which is none other than the 12.3-inch instrument cluster. In addition, drivers will also be happy to put their hands on the Yoke half-wheel, present on both cars.

    As a reminder, orders for the Model X and S Plaid have just opened on the French Tesla configurator. The first is sold for €141,990 and the second for €138,990. The first deliveries are scheduled between November and December 2022, another wave of deliveries should also take place in early 2023.

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