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    Tesla Model Y Can Now Be Ordered As A Basic Version For Europe, With Production In China (updated)

    Aug 26,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla's model policy continues to invite puzzlement. After the selection of the Model 3 was recently limited to only two versions (basic and performance) in the USA, it is now getting larger for the Model Y in Europe: On Friday night Tesla presented a basic version of its crossover for ordering enter the configurator for the individual countries. In Germany, the Model Y with rear-wheel drive costs 53,990 euros - only 3000 euros less than the Model Y Long Range with all-wheel drive and more range. Update: Tesla has confirmed the European launch of the smallest Model Y and the dates (see below).

    Little difference in price to the middle Model Y

    According to Tesla information in the German configurator, all variants of the Model Y qualify for the German environmental bonus of 7500 euros, which should also apply to the new basic version. The net 2500 euros manufacturer's share has already been deducted from the prices on the web, another 5000 euros will be returned on application by the state. That only applies until the end of this year, but according to Tesla, there is at least a chance that the Model Y will be delivered before that: the estimate for the smallest variant is December 2022 to February 2023.

    The middle Model Y is one of the few Tesla models whose price has not increased significantly in Germany in recent months. Even for the performance version, which was only introduced in Europe with local production in the Gigafactory near Berlin, Tesla raised the price once before in mid-June. As a result, the new Model Y costs 53,990 euros, only 3,000 euros less than the middle version, which has all-wheel drive in addition to more range. In other European countries, the gap is sometimes significantly larger.

    Tesla with a new basic battery from BYD

    Tesla gives two different values ​​for the range of its smallest Model Y for Europe, depending on whether you add the larger 20-inch wheels for a surcharge of 2200 euros or not. With the standard wheels it is 455 WLTP kilometers (see screenshot above). This suggests that this Model Y is a version with an LFP battery from CATL, which is already being sold in Asia and was also type-approved in the EU with this value last year. According to information from teslamag.de, Tesla also had a Model Y with an LFP battery approved by BYD for Europe this July, but its range was specified as 440 kilometers according to WLTP.

    Update: Tesla didn't provide any battery details, but in general the company has confirmed the launch of the new base version of the Model Y in Europe. As additional information, an email sent on Friday morning states that the charging capacity is up to 170 kilowatts, while 250 kilowatts are possible for the larger Model Y. Tesla also announced that the first rear-wheel-drive Model Y models for Europe would be built at its Gigafactory in China.

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