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    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 

    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 

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    Looking for an interesting and unique way to add some excitement to your next party or get-together? Check out the musical tesla coil kit! This amazing little device can create an amazing light show and add a touch of musical flair to any event.

    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 

    This tesla coil kit, based on the general improvement in the music player, allows you to play phone/computer music with clear sound.

    15-24V DC input voltage, 5 - 10 mm arc length meters are perfect, small size, power, and energy range can be a long uninterrupted work, you can also take lit LED, foam energy-saving lamps, flash frequency tube, you can play wireless power transfer, rotating arc and the like.

    Wireless transmission principle: a coil connected at both ends with both ends LED, near-emitting device, LED will Qiliang, the principle is resonant wireless power transfer.

    Audio input: You can connect your phone, mp3, or computer audio via the 3.5 jack.

    Board size: 4.0*8.0 cm
    Dissipation Power: 15W
    Supply Voltage: DC 15-24V
    Power input: DC 15-24v, 2A, DC5.5 interface / pin
    Audio input: 3.5 jacks, you can connect to the phone, mp3, computer

    1. Burn or scrape off the paint on both ends of the tesla wire before soldering it; otherwise, it will be difficult to work with.
    2. Some products are parts that must be soldered by you.
    3. We are not liable for any failures caused by improper soldering.
    4. Because the product contains small parts, please keep them out of the reach of children.

    Introduction To Tesla Coils And How They Work